Friday, December 26, 2008

What will your NEW year be?

Within us lies the power for the New Year to be anything we choose! If you've not seen the DVD "THE SECRET", I highly recommend it! ....a wonderful compilation of some of the most powerful belief systems I have read about and studied all of my life.

I love the approach of a New Year.....
a time for re-assessment, reflection, reorganization and ultimately goal setting. For me, it's a time of looking back on the past year and allowing myself to feel good about things accomplished & it's also a time of taking a hard look at things I want to change in the future.

I believe we all, each and every one, have the ability to carve out the lives we choose for ourselves. When I taught Middle School some years back, I remember having a talk with my students about the fact that in life, we can either allow life to "happen to us" (as a "I'm along for the ride"), or we can CAUSE or CREATE the lives we want for ourselves......this talk was followed by "What will you choose for yourself?" Will you pick up the reins of your own life and give it direction or will you ride placidly along.....allowing life to do as it will WITH and TO you?

As for me, this is a time of reflection, the "horse" of life a brief pause before saddeling up, riding out & firmly reining toward my chosen path for the New Year.

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