Sunday, December 28, 2008

Story of the Guardian (Sentry) Horse

I just listed "The Guardian Horse Raku Vase" ( and here's the STORY:

When I was barely into my teenage years, a horse was on the top of my "want list". I worked at whatever jobs I could and saved every penny toward my goal until THE day came & a beautiful dapple gray mare became my own. Since all my savings went for the horse there was no money to buy a saddle for awhile, my first riding experiences were bareback.

This first horse of mine was a nurturing soul partial to women & girls (fortunate for me!). I wasn't a good rider yet & in one of my more serious tumbles from her back while cantering, my body slipped sideways & under her belly. I thought it was all over for me, but this wise old mare of mine came to a screecning halt and nearly sat down on her rump allowing me to crawl out from under her unscathed. Whenever I fell off of her, she'd stop and wait patiently and, if I could read her at all, I'd say she seemed concerned if I was ok or not....almost as if I was one of her very own offspring. In a sense, she was an incredible GUARDIAN of this young and often foolish girl.

So, any of my work having to do with "Sentry or Guardian" horses is in homage to my very special dapple gray horse "Blue".....I'd probably never have survived my early horse experiences without her!

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