Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

Here's wishing anyone reading this a wonder-FULL day!

As for me, I'm kind of filled with nostalgia this morning. Pleasant thoughts of Christmas's gone by. Thinking of my three brothers and me...the only girl..... when we were all younger (like......much!!) and still together on Timberview Rd. in Dallas. Remembering early morning paper routes which preceeded Christmas morning activities. Mischievous Michael, bouncing on my bed with a "get up!" "get up!"'s morning! Charismatic Ray, whose very presence in a room commands attention and Tom.....oldest brother.....for as long as I can remember, being in love with High School sweetheart Betty who has been his wife now for so many years, I've lost count!

Our father was still alive then, witty and charming......loving music of all sorts....spontaneously dancing with either mother or me on a whim (strains of Tijuana Brass playing in my mind), punctuated by a loud "OLE!" from time to time. Always the major "toaster" at Christmas Dinner.....usually with the following:

"Here's to the two things I love most.......beautiful women and fine horses.....and when I die, may my hide be tanned into a side saddle so that I can always be near to the two things I love most.......beautiful women and fine horses."

And our mother.....always there creating all the things that made the holiday special for us.....the food, the decorations, the gifts and, as her manner was/is, making sure things ran smoothly as a well oiled machine!

Ahhh, the memories! A feast to dwell least for a time before moving along into the present......being thankful for each and every loved one.......

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