Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Art of Architecture.....

....this one stopped me dead in my tracks and took my breath away.


  • 1% of the budget (7.5 mllion) of this project was spent on ART
  • Was the largest single facility Public Art program in the U.S. in 1995
  • It's still one of the largest Public Art programs in the world
  • Art is integrated in the architecture of this place

......and it's right here in Colorado!!

It was 1995 and I was picking up a friend who was flying into the then new Denver International Airport. Didn't know my way around the new flight digs, but when I walked into the Jeppesen Terminal for the first time, I was simply riveted by what I saw.....the interior space of the white multi peaked terminal whose vision was to "echo the mountains & commemorate the Arapaho & Cheyenne teepees pitched there long ago"......stunning!! In my opinion, BRILLIANT vision and interpretation of Colorado history and geography into a contemporary format.

Felt like I was on the inside of a large transluscent, glorious light filled sculpture and it literally took my breath away.

Had the priviledge to meet Curt Fentress, one of the architects for DIA, at a Colorado Art Educator's Conference several years later.....was a joy to relate to him the tremendous impact of this piece of architecture on me!

Other Art in DIA? Everywhere you look.....more on that later.

Traveling through DIA this Holiday Season? .......it's anything BUT just another airport!!


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