Saturday, October 31, 2009

One of My New Designs

I'm excited!

I've specialized in the raku firing process for many years now, and lately I'm finding myself wanting to return to some fun functional ceramic pieces.

So......I'm working with a mid-fire red speckled clay and this piece I'm showing here is a work in progress. It's still damp and has just had its handle added and the FROG. I originally hand sculpted the frog then made a plaster mold of him so I could duplicate him on multiple pieces.

Anyhow, when the mug is dry, I'll bisque fire it, then glaze it and run it through its final glaze firing.

I'll post another pic when it has its pretty final coat!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Indian Summer in Western Colorado

Golden yellow trees simply ablaze with their autumn coats grace our front yard view. The bank of trees will soon drop their leaves and will reveal a peek-a-boo view of mountains just beyond.
Indian nights and toasty warm of my favorite times of the year. It's the harbinger of longer nights, snowy days, holiday joy, chicken soup and homemade bread. As the years pass by, the more I seem to appreciate life's small but immensely huge treasures......golden leaves, a nip in the early morning air & brilliant sunshine ushering out the last days of summer........Indian Summer in all its glory.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Post Move to Paonia, CO

Summer was a blurr of activity as our home in Montrose did indeed sell and we made Paonia, CO our permanent home the first part of July. Four days following our move, we began traveling to a series of Art Shows including Frisco, CO, Vail, CO, Jackson, WY, Ketchum, ID & Palisade, CO so life has been extra busy and we're still unpacking boxes!

Paonia is a little slice of heaven for us (there's a pic earlier in my blog of the re-model we've worked on since last January). It's a small town (no stop lights!) with such wonderful charm! There are older Victorian houses in the main part of town where the trees arch up over the road & create the most lovely, inviting picture. Truly, it appears like old town America in every respect. There are a number of artists in this area so it feels like such a great fit for me.

My new studio is up and functioning so I'm back in production again. It was wonderful to build a new space where I could correct some of the things that did not work so well in my last studio. Of particular value to me is an indoor glazing booth AND the convenience of having my firing facility directly attached to my studio. What this means for me is that inclement weather will NOT affect my studio work any longer!! A huge PLUS......