Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poem-"Ode to Flash"-Memories-Trailride

By Lynne Anderson

I surely don’t know
Whether or not
Reincarnation in horses
Is ever a thought

But when I learned
That Flash was mine
For hours and days
Of riding time

It seemed we caught
Each other’s eye
And recognition was there
From years gone by

A bay gelding he was
So fit and tall
With a gleam in his eye
Next to him I’d feel small

But on that horse
I felt I’d come “home”
More so than places
In the past I have roamed

I knew him
And I’d swear he knew me
He knew my touch
And I knew his key

His gait was the same
His interest was keen
He was light on the bit
He was muscled and lean

His ears flicked back
At the sound of my voice
Slower or faster
He responds to my choice

Certain mysteries of life
Can cause such wonder
And my time with Flash
Gave me thought to ponder

Can a horse of the past
Somehow be bound
In a new one today
And be the same all around?

I’ll never know
And I don’t much care
But I won’t forget Flash
And my memories so fair

O’er the trails of Custer
Through the rocks and the trees
Each step was a memory
Pine scent on the breeze

I’ll forever be grateful
For the imprint in my mind
Of a horse named Flash
No finer can you find

In him somehow
Was a horse I once knew
His name was Sienna
How’s this? I’ve not got a clue!

I only know
Without rhyme or reason
I rode them BOTH
At THE SAME TIME for a season!
More trailride pics

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