Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Horses, horses!

This post is all about my love of/for horses.......something my parents were told "I'd grow out of" when I got past my teenaged years! Well, guess what? That was a very long time ago and I'm still goofy over what I consider to be the most expressive, incredibly beautiful creature on God's green earth! I don't own one at present but enjoy including them in my ceramic work. Also, I'll be exhibiting my work in Feb. (11-21) at the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale! Soo looking forward to immersing myself among such beautiful animals! I especially love the "Freestyle Liberty" class where the horse is turned loose w/o saddle or bridle or halter.....to run, rear & do whatever it pleases......absolutely breath-taking!
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Linda said...

They are so beautiful, full of life. Lindax