Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Less becomes MORE" things as well as thoughts take on a greater significance as the years roll along (at least for me). Find myself thinking about the simplicity (albeit very powerful) wisdom found in a little book "The Four Agreements" (link in former blog).....guess because I'm in the process of weeding out a mountain of material "stuff" I've hauled around for years, I find myself being drawn back to the merits of scaling down. Favorite quotes from the past form a solid foundation in setting a path towards my future:

  • "If you want to travel far, travel light."
  • "If THINGS begin owning YOU instead of YOU owning THEM, it's a call for change."
  • "The home exists to serve YOU: you do not exist to serve the HOME."
  • "Know thyself."

Just a few for the sake of brevity....could well consume a blog of great length....but all of that to lead up to the beauty of THE FOUR AGREEMENTS:

  • #1 Be impeccable with your word
  • #2 Don't take anything personally
  • #3 Don't make assumptions
  • #4 Always do your best

There you have it......simplicity of thought & action that holds some of the most powerful wisdom in life. Of course, the book gives terrific examples of each of the "agreements" & it needs to be read to understand the cultural framework for its statements.

Only four things.....each of which, if applied consistently, can revolutionize one's life!

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