Thursday, February 12, 2009

Signature Piece

Of all I do in clay, this particular form is the one I consider my "signature piece". It is completely hand built using slab construction & if you watch my slide show for a moment, you'll see a pic of me working on one in my home studio. In addition to it's inherent beauty, I do hold a visual artist's copyright on this form because of it's unique nature.

There are many steps involved in the creation of this form I call a "sculpture vessel" (though my pet name for it is a "swoopie"!). First, a fairly large amount of clay is made into a consistent width slab using my slab roller equipment then it is placed in a form I made to "slump" the clay into a generalized domed form. From there, when it is just the right amount of hardness, I cut it apart, then reassemble it using a scoring and slip technique. Much time is spent refining edges. Each one of these forms I make are one of a kind, tho they are similar in overall shape.

I enjoy making them because I love the rhythmic beauty that results in each one's defining edges. In some cases, the sculpture vessel is completed with only a colorful palette of glazes, allowing the sculpture itself to take dominance. With others, I use the sculpture as a "blank canvas" to hold an image I find beautiful and compelling. The vessel pictured here is embellished by the stylized galloping horse which I originally drew. In addition, it holds a copper wire spiral, a turquoise colored metal feather and a variety of fibers which I felt complimented the form. I love working with mixed media.....putting things together in ways that are uniquely my own is a great deal of fun for this artist!

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